Appraisal Services


Why Have an Appraisal of Your Property?

  • estate settlement and inheritance
  • estate planning and wills
  • family separation and divorce settlement
  • charitable contribution
  • partnership dispute
  • insurance coverage, loss, claim, and settlement
  • resale
  • loan collateral
  • bankruptcy




What is Contained in a Certified Appraisal Report?
There are 17 specific components that are required by USPAP. The appraisal process begins with an estimate for our services and a review of what items are to be included in the report. We then inventory and photograph the items that are to be included in the report, research the items and determine the value. The value is based on auction results, reference books, Internet resources and consultants. The final appraisal report will include an itemized listing of the items, the value of the property, a definition of value, appraiser’s qualifications and signature and is presented as a bound, legal document.


What Can We Appraise?

  • antiques and collectibles
  • fine art
  • furniture
  • household items and furnishings
  • jewelry
  • restaurant equipment
  • mechanical equipment
  • fabrication shops
  • professional office equipment and furnishings
  • specialty manufacturers
  • commercial assets